Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Headseat Vuzic iWear AV230 XL - 44" in front of your eyes

Price : $130

Review Vuzic iWear AV230 XL :
Has you think you can see the video privately. No one who can see what you see at the moment. I mean you can enjoy your own home theater in the home, office, wherever you are. Is there such headseat like this? Vuzic iWear AV230 XL present to answer these needs. Screen you will see really satisfying because it is designed very close to your eyes.

Indeed, this seems very cool gadget. But there are some shortcomings that are owned by this product. The weight of this Vuzic iWear AV230 XL may make our muscles around the eye fatigue if we stay for long time. And we can not see anyone except the video you play. So when your mother or your sister running alongside, you will not see they come with grim face.
But you will get many benefits from this Vuzic headseat. Just imagine, 44in screen placed in front of you. In addition, a small battery consumption also interesting. The Vuzic iWear AC230 XL runs off a single AA battery and using the included alkaline battery you'll get up to seven hours of playback.

Source : [pocket-lint] [cnet]

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