Monday, December 15, 2008

New Samsung YP-U4 MP3 Player - Nice gadget for you

Price : £30

Review of Samsung YP-U4 MP3 Player :

Market for the MP3 Player is very crowded. Now Samsung has launched a new product in its MP3 Player. Samsung YP-U4 MP3 Player has offered large hardisk capacity from 2GB up to 4GB with USB connector on the left side.

In addition, the light weight of about 28g, small size approximately 83mmx27mm make more mobile, cool, and easy to carry. 3 color LED's display features in this MP3 Player. Some of the main features is to listen to a music, file browsing, settings, FM radios, datacasts, and voice recording.

Overall, Samsung YP-U4 MP3 Player good enough to me.

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Source : [Pocket-lint]

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