Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kingston data traveler 150 flash drive - 32GB or 64GB

Price : $50.99 - $84.95

Kingston data traveler 150 review :

if you are the people who have problems with the large data storage for your work, this product may be a solution. Present with the 2 different capacity, 32GB and 64GB plus good in read data permormance. There is a 5 years warranty is long enough, but better if to be lifetime warranty.

Kingston data traveler 150 specification :

# Interface(s): Hi-Speed USB

# Dimensions: 3.06" x 0.9" 0.47"

# Capacity: 32GB, 64GB

# Read transfer speed: Unspecified

# Write transfer speed: Unspecified

# Bundled software: None

# Supported platform(s): All USB MSC-compliant platforms

# Warranty: Five years

Source : [Everythingusb]

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