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Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini laptop computer? Sony Vaio is the best choices

Some fact about mini laptop computer. Mini laptop computer focus in functionality and performance, generally used to office task not for gamer. Because these so small their costs are much lower, and popular among children and adolescents to finish their home work.

Keybord and many other technologies use standart laptop, but hard drives, line processors have reduced than standart laptop. The screens abailable from 8 to 13.3 inches, these can more attractive to many industry experts, more compact, and increase the portability.

Here’s some reason having mini laptop computer. Find that are very lightweight due to its small size is the first most obvious reason for us to buy it.

Select no more than 2kg so can fit in a purse or briefcase. Not takingsalaries of baggage that can be taken on board the flight if you travel a lot and can be made anywhere you travel.

Some people say when you buy a mini laptop computer is more expensive than laptop. Standart laptop is about $700 to $1500 now, and compare with mini laptop that you can expect to pay only $200 to $700 with many of the same features of laptop. Most of mini laptop computers are equipped with a wireless device and three USB port.

Sony VAIO mini laptop computer

There are many brand of mini laptop computer from popular manufactures. But recently Sony release their new mini laptop computer called Sony VAIO mini laptop computer which have only 638g, sporting Home windows vista, inbluit GPS, and 3G Cellular Broadband in overall view.

There are 3 major contenders, Sony VAIO SR Collection, Sony VAIO TT Sequence, and Sony VAIO P Series.

To buy Sony VAIO mini laptop computer, please visit Amazon Sony VAIO

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Friday, July 09, 2010

How to Buy Refurbished Laptop Computer with Great Quality

refurbished laptop computer
When you are try to purchasing a refurbished laptop computer, you will look you are save enough money than you buy new laptop. The refurbished laptop computer will be founded at a lesser cost than a brand new one as same as you expected before, and this computer also be followed by a warranty.

This is some advice on how to buy refurbish laptop computer:

1. Investigate some computer brand, to ascertain available prices and model of refurbished laptops that’s available for purchase.

2. For economical refurbished laptops are good choice to pierce the Computer repair shops which provide these laptop computers at very reasonable prices. Ensure get the right one and take your time that a new computer is a refurbished one or a brand new will suit you before you get it.

3. The processors, VGA, RAM, and hard drive from these refurbished laptop computer can be determined by our budget. It is just to ensure that functions of refurbished laptop computer as well as you would expect a brand new computer, so select a computer of great quality.
refurbished laptop computer

My recommendation for refurbished laptop computer is Acer laptop, because these brand are great choice for you. Try to find refurbished laptop computer on the internet and you can access from top manufacturers including Acer laptops. Some of the best laptops in the world that have a well-deserved are Acer laptops.
refurbished laptop computer

Check out for great discounts and great deals on refurbished laptop computer on my link below. You will find offers on some of the best prices and offers.

1. My aStore
2. Amazon Refurbished Laptop

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cheap International Calling provided by Rebtel in Android Application

cheap international calling

New Andorid app released by Rebtel, a mobile Voice over IP (VoIP) in the mobile marketplace. By assigning foreign numbers as a local number, the customer can make cheap international calling and only incurs the cost of a local call.

Rebtel currently has presence in over 50 countries and founded in Sweden in 2006. The cheap international calling can be use using any provider from any mobile phone.
cheap international calling

Rebtel assigns each one a unique local number that the user can enter into his phone, use for any future phone calls, save, or text messages after an easy registration. The online contact registration step can be skipped by the new Android apps, re-routing outgoing foreign calls and automatically intercepting them through the Rebtel system to make cheap international calling.

Rebtel has now differentiated itself and compete with his rival, Skype, with eliminating the need for any Internet access.

How Rebtel work:
1. Sign up for a free account
2. Enter an international number to your friend and get a unique local number
3. Save it to your phone, keep forever and call whenever
cheap international calling
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Friday, July 02, 2010

It’s Time to Mobile Application Leading The Way

A true convergence device is created by The Apple iPhone’s app Store which is considered an innovative step forward. The bandwagon is being hopped from T-Mobile G1 to the Blackberry Bold although smartphone application development are not new.

Mobile applications are interested by iPhone user than other non-iPhone user. 34% of smartphone owners likely to by pass applications altogether and not added and applications to their device, different with 7% of iPhone users. On their phone, 72% had more than five apps added on their iPhone than 23% of other smartphone owners are forgotten.

More and more applications is being added by iPhone apps developers, why? The tech savvy consumers, it may be relate to who they are, are attracted by iPhone device. Because iPhone is easy added by part of the app appeal. Both Google and Blackberry are creating own marketplaces, and developers can open their operating systems up to try to emulate Apple’s App Store success. iPhone apps will eventually embrace to the same degree with non-iPhone users applications.

Diverse collections of app from non-iPhone user is a variety of new models featuring convenient applications marketplaces but their old devices must be replaced by new model of Smartphone. This is quite possibly if they want to compete iPhone apps.

Standart in high-end likely will be becomed by wi-fi connectivity and bigger screens which increase both variety of applications and entertainment. A whole new level of the evolutions of the mobile phone will reached more than just a communitations device. Applications rush is really being leaded by iPhone like handheld games for now.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Apple : The king of top choice mobile applications

Apple is the ones must be thought to think than anything other if you think about mobile applications. When businesses want to develop mobile applications, Apple reveal to us through our heads as TV commercials and website as a top choice of mobile application software. example: iPhone apps

Over 3 billion apps have been downloaded and over 175,000 apps in its store provide by Apple now days. “You and what army you have?” have been thinking by the company when attempt to drop Apple.

Spring, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, AT&T, Verizon and so many huger names are several of 24 mobile companies that are banning together and terminate in Wholesale Applications Community or WAC. How well can WAC be competitor of Apple while WAC is not the most exciting name, although may be right that WAC is looking to bring more excitement to the mobile apps space. Failure is the bigger result when those company efforts to compete Apple because none of them were quite large in this scope.

Apple’s ecosystem works well right now. Apple’s success hasn’t stopped even though app store approval authority process has been quite difficult to most Apple developers applications.

The Basic Facts of Handheld Games

Handheld games spread on the web without limits, as fast as computer technology continues to advance. Sudoku, Nintendo, Gears of War, Advanced Puzzles, Big City Adventure and other types of games is more addicted and sophisticated nowadays. Teenagers, young adults and corporate geeks become the latest craze completely.

Game you are playing won’t have any trouble if you can choose a high performance video card and right game software for our handheld.

Portable kind of entertainment in the form of electronic games which desktop, laptops, iPhone and mobile phone can play high level games is surely loaded by the future generation. Among gadget makers and technology developers, portability is always on the top of the priority.

Games that are quick to explore and play are the Football Manager 2007 for revolutionary and best sporty game. Whoever is playing Football Manager 2007 apparent to play all the choices provide by software game.
Scoring motive, Intensive segments of management and field techniques are friendly to use. You can consult the game makers for an advice or learn how to master the game on your own style.

Tips and information how to play handheld video games for free could be held by you among the popular site like,, and
You could have many choices of games like Missiles Attack, Asteroid Rain, Target Asteroid, Coast Threat and Cross Fire. You will want to play what the latest games for sure if you are a gaming fanatic.

And so are the other industry games, our answer are given by Sony and Nitendo. You will experience as you fight and win and it’s the same kind of fun whether you are playing on your play station, desktop, handheld palm pilot device, or iPhone for iPhone apps games.

To accelerate to the next level, you must gather stuff or beat the enemies always be your goal. You will be more strategic player along the way you play the games.
If you are not well in time-management, you could also be addicted unconsciously.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top Choices Of Iphone Apps

iphone apps
There are many good apps available over 180,000 which we can get for free for our iPhone, iPod touch, and iPhone. Here is a 5 free apps list , all applications from social networking, news, photography, productivity, travel, and more are listed below. Tell me in the comments form if your favorite’s free mobile phone apps aren’t covered here.

1. Facebook

Triumph held by Facebook as a social network aware swan now as of version 3. News feed, notifications, and so on, always beats the browser version, because Facebook provide speedy access at anytime and give new experience in many ways.

2. Gorillacam

In December 2009, the creators of the Gorillapod tripods came with Gorillacam. Timer, multi-shot, on-screen grid, spirit-level, and ‘press anywhere’ capture, improved hugely because it mashes together with slew of features in Gorillacam.

3. RunKeeper Free

RunKeeper might sound unlikely when it is the prospect of Nike+ but we can get free of charge and run better. Our jogging route, details of pace and calories burned tracked by this application that uses an iPhone’s GPS capabilities. You can enter treadmill runs manually and share our activities online recently.

4. Stanza

May be many of e-book headlines grabbed by Kindle, but if you have the right applications for your iPhone or iPod touch, it is can be perfectly competitor. From the Stanza Desktop we can move our own ePub, eReader, or PDF, and various sources of books enables to be downloaded (many of which offer free titles).

5. Dropbox

Function for transferring content between your computer and your device exist in many apps. But Dropbox is easier to use than most of its contemporaries; more over Dropbox is free apps. You can download and access dump files you want to sync in a folder on Dropbox and computer for your device for offline viewing, in many cases, enjoy them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ku Berserah

By: Herlina Pirena

Ku Berserah kepada Allahku
Didaratpun di laut mengeruh
Tiap detik tak berhenti

Bapa surgawi terus menjagaku
Ku tahu benar ku dipegang erat
Di gunung tinggi dan samudera
Ditopan gelap ku erat
Bapa surgawi terus menjamahku
Meski berjalan dilembah gelap
Gembala baik membimbingku tetap
Ku dihentak dan tak gentar

Bapa surgawi terus menjagaku
Ku tahu benar ku dipegang erat
Di gunung tinggi dan samudera
Ditopan gelap ku erat
Bapa surgawi terus menjamahku

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nasa meluncurkan pesawat hipersonik super cepat

VIVAnews - Militer Amerika Serikat (AS) kehilangan kontak dengan sebuah kendaraan hipersonik eksperimental di Samudera Pasifik. Menurut Turner Brinton dari Space News, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) kehilangan kontak dengan kendaraan Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV)-2 sembilan menit setelah diluncurkan.

HTV-2 merupakan pesawat pertama dari serangkaian eksperimen penerbangan. Rencananya, teknologi yang bisa dikerahkan untuk rudal-rudal konvensional jarak jauh di masa depan.
“Kendaraan tersebut diluncurkan dari Pangkalan Angkatan Udara Vandenberg di California, dengan sebuah roket Minotaur 4,” kata Brinton, seperti dikutip dari laman TG Daily, Selasa 27 April 2010.
Dibangun oleh Lockheed Martin Corp., pesawat HTV-2 meluncur di atas Samudera Pasifik dengan kecepatan 20 ribu kilometer per jam selama 30 menit. “Namun, sembilan menit setelah meluncur, DARPA kehilangan kontak dengan pesawat, dan penyebab kegagalan itu belum diketahui,” ujarnya.
Namun, Frank James dari NPR mencatat bahwa dalam masa-masa awal percobaan teknologi pertahanan, proyek militer teknologi tinggi biasanya ditandai dengan sejumlah kegagalan.
“Program angkasa luar AS pada akhir 1950-an juga terdapat kegagalan, jadi tidak heran, tes yang dilakukan militer pekan lalu untuk menguji Falcon dan menguji konsep pesawat hipersonik yang bisa melanglang buana dengan kecepatan hingga 20 kali lebih cepat dibanding kecepatan suara, juga mengalami kegagalan,” ucap James.

“Ide dari teknologi ini adalah menciptakan sebuah pesawat yang bisa mencapai lokasi-lokasi di Bumi dalam hitungan menit,” kata James. (art)

Sumber: Yahoo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tiba saatnya

Tiba saatnya kami berkumpul dan bersatu
Dari segenap suku dan bangsa
Berdiri di hadapan tahta anak domba
Satu suara, menyatakan

Keselamatan bagi Allah
Yang duduk dan bertahta
Kami naikkan pada anak domba

Pujian dan kekuatan
Hormat dan kekuasaan
Kemuliaan bagi dia selamanya


Hosanna, hosanna,
hosanna in the highest
Hosanna, hosanna,
hosanna in the highest
Lord we lift up Your name
With a heart full of praise
Be exalted, oh Lord my God
Hosanna in the highest
Glory, glory,
glory to the King of kings
Glory, glory,
glory to the King of kings
Lord we lift up Your name
With a heart full of praise
Be exalted, oh Lord my God
Glory to the King of kings
Hosanna, hosanna,
hosanna in the highest
Hosanna, hosanna,
hosanna in the highest
Lord we lift up Your name
With a heart full of praise,
Be exalted, oh Lord my God
Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna, hosanna,
hosanna in the highest
Hosanna, hosanna,
hosanna in the highest
Lord we lift up Your name
With a heart full of praise
Be exalted, oh Lord my God
Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna in the highest

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daftar komplit lirik lagu rohani indonesia / inggris

Berikut adalah daftar lirik lagu rohani yang bisa digunakan. Peletakan sudah di urutkan berdasar abjad alphabet. Tapi karena tidak semua lagu masuk ke dalam list ini. Silahkan saja lihat-lihat yang ada disini. Semoga anda puas dan menemukan apa yang dicari. Thx

Come Holy Spirit

Datang Roh Kudus

Hidup TanpaMu

Tiba saatnya


IPhone dan Football Manager Handheld 2010 awas kecanduan

Pernah bermain football manager. Sekarang telah hadir di iPhone dan kita bisa bermain sepuasnya hanya dari ponsel saja. Tentunya jika anda adalah manial game strategi terutama sepak bola. Tentunya sudah tau seluk beluk cara bermain dan mengatur strategi.

Sega Football Manager Handheld 2010 hadir dengan tampilan yang tidak berbeda dengan versi komputer. Kita dapat memilih menjadi manager club manapun dan membuat karir mulai dari nol sampai menjadi manager sepak bola sebuah negara. Selain itu ikuti juga turnamen dan liga champion eropa yang sangat seru serta bursa trasfer pemain di awal musim dan tengah musim. Tak kalah anda bisa menyewa pelatih, pemain, scot, assistent manager. Serta seperti biasanya anda akan berurusan dengan kontrol taktik permainan, formasi, player instructions, dan traning setiap minggunya.

Sekalipun ada di iPhone. Football Manager Handheld 2010 tidak persis sama dengan versi di PC. Anda hanya mempunyai pilihan 34 liga dari 11 negara. Tetapi kecanduan bermain rasanya masih sama besarnya dengan yang sudah anda alami di versi PC.

Berikut adalah cuplikan permainan lewat IPhone:

Source: Mashable

Hidup tanpa-Mu

Dunia ini mengatakan
Hidup tuk senang saja
Hiduplah tuk puaskan jiwa
Namun ku mau hidup bagi allah bapa

Aku tak bisa hidup tanpa
Aku tak mau hidup tanpa
Kau lah nafas yang kuhirup apakah
Arti hidup jika hidup tanpaMu

Dunia ini mengajarkan
Hiduplah tanpa tujuan
Namun kutau kebenaran
Kudicipta tuk berjalan bagi bapa

Kutakkan dengarkan dunia
Kutakkan hidup tanpaMu
Kutakkan dengarkan dunia
Ku mau hidup untukMu
Ku takkan dengarkan dunia
Apakah arti hidup jika hidup tanpaMu

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Datang roh kudus / Come holy spirit

Datang roh Kudus Kau ku Rindu
Dengan minyak yang baru urapiku
Mengalir penuhiku, mengalir pulihkanku
KuasaMu Bebaskan hidupku

Satu yang ku rindu bersekutu denganMu
Bawaku lebih lagi tinggal di dalamMu
Nikmati hadiratMu
Jamahlah s'luruh hidupku
KuasaMu mengubah hidupku

Come holy spirit, fall on me now
I need your a nointing come in your power
I love you holy spirit
You're captivating my soul
And everyday
I grow to love you more

I'm reaching for Your Heart
You hold my life in your hands
Drawing me closer to you
I feel your power renew
Nothing compares to this place
Where I can see you face to face
I worship you in Spirit and in truth

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Intel dan Apple dituduh melanggar hak paten

VIVAnews - Gugatan dan tuntutan pengadilan di industri IT terus berlangsung, melibatkan sejumlah perusahaan besar dan kecil. Yang paling terakhir adalah sengitnya pertikaian antara Nvidia dengan Intel, atau Nvidia dengan Rambus. Untuk itu, munculnya kembali gugatan pelanggaran paten bukanlah kejutan.

Akan tetapi, kali ini gugatan yang timbul bukanlah antara dua perusahaan yang saling berkompetisi di pasar dan di teknologi. Gugatan datang dari perusahaan skala relatif kecil, terhadap sejumlah perusahaan raksasa IT dunia.

Gugatan pelanggaran hak paten yang dilakukan oleh Wi-Lan, perusahaan asal Kanada, merupakan tuduhan pelanggaran paten atas sejumlah produsen laptop dan gadget lainnya.

Secara spesifik, seperti VIVAnews kutip dari Softpedia, 10 April 2010, Wi-Lan menuduh tak kurang dari 19 perusahaan yang berbeda telah melanggar paten dengan nomor US Patent 5,515,369. Pasalnya, 19 persuahaan itu telah menjual perangkat komputer mobile dan handset dengan konektivitas Bluetooth.

Beberapa nama besar yang masuk dalam daftar tergugat antara lain adalah HP, Dell, Acer, yang merupakan tiga produsen PC terbesar di dunia, serta Intel dan Apple yang juga merupakan pemain utama di industri komputer.

Hak paten nomor 5,515,369 sendiri diberikan oleh kantor paten Amerika Serikat pada tahun 1996 pada Metricon of California. Paten tersebut seputar metode di mana sebuah titik pada jaringan multinode bisa berbagi frekuensi dalam jaringan komunikasi.

Sebuah titik memberikan channel hopping secara acak dan digunakan untuk melakukan transfer data sekaligus menghantarkan data tersebut ke titik lainnya di dalam jaringan. Teknologi inilah yang diklaim oleh Wi-Lan telah digunakan oleh ke-19 perusahaan tersebut pada produknya.

Mengingat kecilnya skala kasus gugatan, meskipun terhadap banyak perusahaan raksasa, pengamat menilai bahwa kemungkinan penggugat untuk memenangi kasus ini di pengadilan sangat kecil. Diperkirakan, hasil akhir dari gugatan ini adalah sejumlah pembayaran kecil dari beberapa perusahaan raksasa tersebut yang tentunya tidak ingin dipusingkan dengan urusan di pengadilan.

Sumber: Yahoo